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Word Rangoli is derived from a Sanskrit word called ‘rangavalli’, which means combination of colors.

In Hindu culture in India on occation of different festivals, people use to make Rangolis in front of their house, appartments, some times on roads or grounds as well.

Rangoli is a form of an art, originating mainly in India or the Indian subcontinent. Rangoli is nothing but design patterns are created on the roads or the ground, It is made using materials such as colored rice, colored sand or flower petals.

Rangolis are usually made during the big festivals such as Diwali or Dassehara, Onam, Pongal and other Hindu festivals. Rangolis keep both the art form and the tradition alive.

The purpose of rangoli is to feel strengthen and it is thought to bring good luck on auspicious occations.

Rangolis are traditionally made by women or girls, but some times even men or boys also make it.

During festivals, auspicious occations, marriage celebrations and gatherings beautiful Rangolis are made.

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