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Posted on January 17, 2020 at 8:00 PM

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Om Chanting Om Dhyan | ओम ध्यान | ध्यान धारणा |

OM Chanting Meditation
ॐ ध्यान

ॐ का ध्यान कैसे करें ?

OM is composed of 3 sub-sounds, 'a', 'u' and 'm'.
The fusion of these 3 elements is AUM / OM.

- "A" stands for the state of wakefulness.
- "U" stands for a dream state.
- "M" symbolises to relax and sleep.

* Make listening to OM your daily habit *

Listening to the OM chating for 15 to 30 mins which can be your meditation routine.

You can do meditation as part of your daily routine and achieve inner peace.

Here is OM chanting which is simple yoga music for relaxation and meditation.

✽Advantages of OM Chanting as your daily routine:

1) Improves ones concentration and memory.
2) It helps to control mind & the emotions.
3) Om Chanting sounds fills the atmosphere with positive thoughts.
4) Om Chanting is the Best meditation music for sleeping, as it relaxes physically, mentally and emotionally.
5) Regular Om chanting can help to overcome depression, sleep disorders & stress.
6) Chanting om for relaxation could also help to quit bad habits like smoking, drugs or alcoholism.

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